Ariola Recordings Middle of the Road

Back in 1974, Middle of the Road signed a new recording contract with Ariola Eurodisc. Since then the label has migrated to BMG and finally Sony. 4 albums were released in the late 70s. “Music Music”, “You Pays Yer Money”, “Postcard” and “Dice”. There was one extra album which may have been called “Flying High” […]

Ken and Sally singing Sacramento

Breakfast in Sacramento

One of Middle of the Road’s most popular hits has created a lot of interest over in California. “Sacramento, a Wonderful Town” closes the group’s live sets wherever they play with great effect, but it’s the internet which has succeeded in doing what RCA, the band’s record label, did not even try back in the […]

Viva Los Caracas

Release of Middle of the Road’s First Commercial Recordings 1968 EP Viva Los Caracas

1968 EP Viva Los Caracas In 1968, Middle of the Road was known as Los Caracas. They were very popular the length and breadth of the UK, performing live at Supper Dances, Private Functions and Social Clubs of all types. Their appearances on the TV programme, “Opportunity Knocks” hosted by Hughie Green, boosted their popularity […]

The Sacramento Tree Foundation

The Sacramento Tree Foundation

Over the past few years, the people of Sacramento have become familiar with the existence of a recording featuring their town, thanks to YouTube. In 2010, Ken and Sally were invited down to the CBS Studios in London to do a Transatlantic Satellite interview and performance of “Sacramento, a Wonderful Town.” for their programme “Good […]

Sophia Loren and Middle of the Road

Sophia Loren and Middle of the Road

Another recording artiste backed vocally by Middle of the Road was none other than screen icon Sophia Loren and a fairly successful single entitled “Anyone” backed by “There is a Star” was released as a spin off for the film “The Priest’s Wife” (1971). The publicity from this unexpected collaboration hit the world entertainment headlines, (except the UK) […]